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Ajia Williams is a 17-year-old senior at Reach Partnership High School in Baltimore. 

Her passion for the arts has enveloped her since her elementary years.

She loves to be able to bring people together and express her emotions within her pieces one day she hopes to inspire young youths just like her to do the same.

Her works have been exhibited at the “Save our Children” silent auction in Baltimore and the Montebello Neon lights Art show.


Miss Williams received an Artist certificate from the Bloomberg Arts internship 1st class program in 2017


Before graduating from High School, Ajia, along with other young artists, is planning to start an after school art program for high school students and hopes to return to assist with running it after completing her collage education. 


Ajia loves to paint, sculpt, sketch and creative writing and hopes to write a book about her life. She does animation and is currently working on a 3D animated video. She also hopes to start doing photography. Other things that she enjoys are playing volleyball, tennis and badminton. She attends acting and modeling classes for Barbrizon and John Casablanca and is on her school’s dance team.


Artist Statement

When I do my art my soul purpose is to try to bring the audience into my world 

My art showcases my personality as a unique person I like to see things from the most optimistic perspective as possible so to let people know, “The World is Still Beautiful”.

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