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Quorren Bullock




Quorren Bullock is a self-taught artist from Baltimore City.  Always involved in some sort of extra curricular activity, Quorren has fallen in love with all types of art, but first tapped into painting at the age of 12.  After just doing doodles all through middle school, she really got serious about painting after her father passed. In high school, she found the best opportunity to get involved in the art world through a program called “Art on Purpose” which is dedicated to using art to express the issues going on in the communities that they serve.  Quorren was first introduced to this organization in her freshman year high school at the Baltimore Freedom Academy.  This program gave Quorren the opportunity to volunteer to work with inner-city children to execute a visual art project that would ultimately get presented in the Baltimore Museum of Art.  This is where her passion for artistic expression and humanitarianism really sparked and she began to take art seriously, she began on working on her own private projects.  Her day-to-day life now consists of freelance commission painting and involving herself in art exhibits throughout the city. In the midst of her work and school schedule, she still manages to produce bold, grandiose, interactive works that capture the attention of all who gets the opportunity to look at her quirky, colorful works. 


Artist Statement


I paint and create to connect my emotions to something physical, to finally expel my self of all of the energy (whether negative or positive) it takes for me to express whatever it is I placed on the canvas.  My feelings are so intense and so vibrant and so visual, that I have to make it relatable. I want people to experience them, which is why I feel it is so important to put texture in a visual art piece. 


Through the process of painting a piece, I am not entirely sure what the end result will be. I just go with no defenses and throw everything at the canvas.  I may have an inspiring experience and get a vibrant idea of what I would like to come out on canvas, but sometimes during the times it takes for me to finish, it takes a new direction because my feelings have shifted, while I was executing a piece because I thought it would speak better if I painted it another way.


Another important aspect I like to put in my pieces is texture.  I put texture in my pieces because what better way to “feel” a painting than to feel a painting? As a multimedia artist, I feel texture is a very important element in art.  Growing up, I have always been a feels-y person.  I wanted to know what things felt like or smelled like and I was so curious in the art museums.  I would want to touch the paintings and feel the sculptures to better understand its essence, which is why I use different materials to create my pieces. I encourage people who have the urge to see what they feel like to touch them and experience them in the best ways they can so that they could experience the work the way I painted it. 


I paint to express the way I feel about the things that happen in my personal and environmental life.  I use art, just like many others, to express emotion but I want you to put your hands on it!

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