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Michelle Spiziri


Artist Statement

They say that Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.


I believe most people think that once they get through puberty and college that they’re grown up. Ta-daaa, boom! Welcome to living! The human goal is to get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, and die.  I am happy for the people who are  so certain that this is what life is about.


I think of my mid twenties and thirties as a sort of a second puberty.   If puberty is the arrival into physical maturity then why can’t the 20’s & 30’s be considered the arrival into adulthood? 

Both inevitable growth spurts are replete with anxiety and fears brought about by destined change and uncharted waters-the unknown. My artwork explores these anxieties, emotions and choices.


My art over my early years has dealt with my questions and anxieties, hopes, fears, emotion, and painterly process. Some still represent my urge to break through the pubescence of the 20’s and 30’s and into the illusive ‘fulfillment’ and ‘truth’ of adulthood. Some represent a choice of direction or purpose, some others a desire to fall back into the early days of tween where daydreaming was my full time job. 


Growing up isn’t easy. Living Consciously daily takes effort. Growing up gets easier though once you get through your forties. As I transition from the dog days of early adulthood and into my golden years, my art will journey right along with me.


As I consider my work as a whole, I still have very few answers, but I do have many trophies of my struggles through these years, and it is these struggles which have made me what I am or am not.  For as successful or as failure ridden I ever may become, these pieces will always remind me to never view the mysteries and questions of life, the answers, and life itself, as simply obvious.

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