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Jannina Ortiz




Jannina Ortiz has been an artist all of her life. It has been her outlet for releasing emotions. Drawing and painting (water colour, acrylics, and oils), ended up helping her with a career in the theatre arts. As a costume designer, water colours were her go-to medium. After graduating in 1997 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Technical Theatre from the University of Central Florida, she continued in the entertainment field working in film, commercials, theatre, and concerts.


Ms. Ortiz fell in love with digital design. The effects that could be created with computers enthralled her. In 2008, she graduated from ITT with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. She uses the skills she learned from that degree in making her greeting card designs at and her clothing, accessories and home decor designs at and


In 2017 she was hired as an artist for Paint Nite. Assisting others and helping them shine is one of her passions. Because of this, she also became the administrative assistant for her Paint Nite boss. Now she gets to help people and be a paid artist. Life is good!

Artist Statement


My work has always been swayed by my emotions. Depending on what I am feeling at the time, I will use different techniques. From spirited pouring to meticulous dotism, I just go with whatever gives me the best relief. It is as if I have to release what I am feeling right away. Sometimes, I will need control and peace in my life. That is when most of my mandala designs come into being. Other times, I just need to let go. Then my pouring and splatter techniques come out. I tend to do geometric or abstract designs. Sometimes I mix abstract with real objects. I love hearing other people’s theories and observations on what the painting means to them or how it makes them feel. It is so much fun to hear others talking amongst themselves about the meaning behind the painting. The most encouraging is when another person is truly affected by it. If I have created something that I need to give me peace and healing, and I hear someone else say that they feel so peaceful looking at it. . . well, there is nothing else like it. Yes, I do art, specifically painting, because it is my way to release my emotions. However, the feeling I get when someone else is touched by the art, is why I keep doing it.

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