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Kat Soul




KAT Soul produces art in a variety of ways - from songwriting and performing music to stand-up comedy to painting with watercolors to ceramics, both hand built and on the wheel.  KAT is entirely self taught with nature and the animal kingdom as her primary artistic influences.     KAT lives on a farm in Northern Baltimore County with her Husband and an assortment of rescued dogs, cats, chickens, goats and pigs.  Every day provides a new opportunity to see a wild animal or a rare bird, a bug or a butterfly.  KAT’s art is bright and simple, art to make you smile.  Proceeds from the sale of ART by KAT Soul are used to support local animal rescue organizations in the Baltimore area.  



Artist Statement


The Heart has always been one of my favorite things to sing about, sculpt and paint.  We all need a functioning heart to live, love and survive.  I painted these heart images last summer, before and after experiencing open heart surgery in July.  It’s so amazing they can repair a damaged heart valve with such precision to keep hearts beating where they would otherwise stop.  Hearts will always find their way into my art pieces because the heart symbolizes love and we could all use more love in this world.  I’m always looking for heart shaped things when I’m outside, like stones, seashells, clouds or the black heart shaped spot on my calico cat’s shoulder.  So….have a Heart….enjoy my ART.


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