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Kathleen Hazlehurst Knust


Artist Statement

Watercolor painting is my daily ritual. It has been for four years. I did not really start with watercolors until after my mother passed away. She was an artist, and I have my new paints and her paints, and together we paint.

I sail and take photographs while on the water, later I use them for my paintings. I first started painting scenes of sailing, and have done many other subjects and am now challenging myself with landscapes from my island travels. It is a wonderful feeling when I am pleased with a painting.


I do not like to be a detailed painter; I like the feel of suggestion. I carry a sketchpad with me. I painted and sketched my puppies this past winter one evening. It was like painting a street scene with speedy walking people. I liked the fast pieces, the outlines of movements. I found paintings from an ancestor and have been inspired by them and have done numerous versions of each painting. Art is continuous for generations.


Sailing is really remarkable; one can go far with breaths of the wind. Painting is also; simple brush strokes are capable of creating any reflection. The environment now makes me pause; yet I still appreciate what nature has left for us. A simple iris in a wild garden inspires me to have stock in Arches watercolor paper.


Kathleen Hazlehurst Knust has been painting in Maryland for several years and sails the Chesapeake Bay and warmer waters in cooler months, and captures those memories in her paintings.

She enjoys painting in her studio with her puppies who now only steal socks, so the paint brushes are safe.

She is an award winning artist, the Commodore of the Windjammers of the Chesapeake, and a master gardener. She is also a member of the Butler Watercolor Society and WAF.

Ms. Knust graduated from Washington College and has taken classes at the Maryland Institute of Art.

She has created an on-line gallery which is Hazlehurst Gallery.

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