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Mark Angelo Askew

Bubble Artist


Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show has been performing to Baltimore audiences for over four years. We have been the featured encore act at the Weinberg Early Childhood Center, the Maryland Zoo, the Towson PTA and JHU Fall Fests for three consecutive seasons. 


Artist Statement


 This a short paragraph telling the audience why you do what you do; what inspires you, who were your influences, etc. 


"My lifelong goal has been to inspire individuals, families, and communities to connect heart to heart through visual art, music, and the spoken word. When I first observed bubble art in motion by way of the Gazillion Bubble Show's Yang family I was filled with awe and wonder by the stunning visual effects of it all. But when performing our music bubble show the unspoken message of preserving and promoting our most basic qualities of humanity by way of our altruistic gifts just feels right and very much needed these days. It's like universal communion, one that breaks through all barriers. The medium is simple, transparent, iridescent and seemingly vulnerable to touch and manipulation, yet the unexpected results are a most rewarding, stimulating, and creative experience." 

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