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Corey Ridge

Sward Swallower 



Odd Corey was born in a small town in Western Maryland, despite the rumors he'd burst through his mother's chest and killed the doctor.

He is a practitioner of the ancient deadly Fakir arts as well as an innovator of bold and ridiculous new ways to cheat death.

He has broken several world records and has been invited on such programs as The Today Show and America's Got Talent.

Corey performs at private functions, tattoo conventions, festivals, and more all over the continental United States.

Alongside Corey on his travels are his ever-snacking rodent companions, Pubert and Dr. Chode.

Odd Corey performs traditional circus sideshow acts and innovative new ways to cheat death as a profession.  

Every show is jam-packed with COMEDY, ACTION, RUBBER CHICKENS, and INTRIGUE!

You'll see juggling, fire eating, sword swallowing, extreme weight lifting, human blockhead, human pin cushion, walking in broken glass, laying on a bed of nails, fire breathing, human upholstery, unsavory behavior with deadly animal traps, and balloon animals!

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