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Ania Milo

Art for Ania is a personal journey of wholeness, self-discovery and spiritual fulfillment. Through her artwork, she continues to discover her authentic self, her purpose and the meaning for her life.

Ania Milo is a contemporary abstract painter, business owner, poet, photographer, mentor, community activist, and Organizational Psychology coach. 

A native of Poland, she has called Baltimore, Maryland USA, her home for over 30 years, and now resides in Southern Colorado.


Her diverse life and work experiences and extensive education are the foundation of her vibrant, color-rich and emotionally powerful paintings that reflect the dynamic and distinctive culture of her childhood home. 


Milo is a prolific painter and in the 16 years that she has been an artist (she started painting as an adult) has created hundreds of paintings in various genres, themes and mediums. Being self-taught, she continually explores different painting styles, techniques and mediums as she incorporates her life experiences, education and her innermost emotions into her works.


Ania is an owner/operator of Date With Paint, an artistic services company which specializes in facilitating corporate art-based team-building workshops, social group and private painting parties, and fundraisers. 

Milo mentors emerging artists and volunteers for local school district offering free art classes to elementary, middle and high school students.


In Baltimore, Maryland, she Chaired the Canton Community Association Arts Committee and was on the board of the Olney Art Festival in Baltimore. 


Currently, Milo is on the Board of Directors for the Ute Pass Kiwanis, and is a member of Mountain Artist Group, a volunteer for the FaithfulHearts Equine Learning Center and is on the board of the Ute Pass Chamber of Commerce. 


Ms. Milo holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics with a concentration in Russian. She has earned a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Teaching and is a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Her work experiences include the Census Bureau and the National Security Agency. She was an associate professor at Morgan State University and several Community Colleges.  Ania has taught a variety of subjects to a diverse number of students from elementary level to university. She has lectured, presented and directed many projects, managed employees and traveled extensively throughout the United States, North, Central and South America. 


Sample Works

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