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The Energy of Color” 

Color is light energy that is stored in the light. Each color found in the visible light spectrum has its own wavelength and its own frequency, which produces a specific energy that exudes a beneficial effect on the living objects around it.

Color precedes words and antedates civilization. It is connected to the limbic system of the brain (involved in motivation, emotion, learning, and memory). It is both a subjective experience and an objective feature of the world — both energy and entity. Color is tied to emotions as well as being a physical reality.

From the atmospheric phenomenon of rainbows to the structure of the atom, from the artist’s palette to the multihued clothes we wear, color is a key that reflects our physical, emotional, and spiritual world.


What is the Color of Your Energy?

Pouring My Heart Out

This collection of works is a culmination of a year-long, intense work to create a painted story about pain, despair, loneliness, disappointments, realizations and discoveries. Each piece of Art is an exploration and consideration of the people, places and experiences that have shaped my heart, body and soul.


The paintings are the most revealing and most personal that I have ever created. Through them, I am exposing my pain, my sorrows, and my physical and emotional vulnerabilities. It is not however, a cry for help or a plea for empathy. On the contrary, it is a celebration and validation of the things that made me the person, the woman and the Artists I am today... Without them, I would not be who I am today. 


This is also an invitation to everyone who has ever been lost, felt unloved and has been misunderstood to revisit those feelings and experiences in hopes they too will see their value and be transformed...

The Sacred  Tree

Trees are an important part of Mother Earth and their majestic presence have garnered them admiration from many different cultures.

Mystical and majestic, trees are seen as ancient living beings. From healing to protection, trees have played a large role in our history. Cultures have coveted their energy and worshiped them. Providing us with so many of our basic needs, trees offer us far more with their mystical connection to our spiritually. A great energy and a wisdom are believed to flow through them. 

Animal Portraits

My love for animals begun as soon as I could  walk and talk. I always wanted a dog, a German Shepherd no less!

But I only started to paint pets in 2010 after finding a little Pekingese dog wondering around the city at night. He's owner was found after a few weeks, but he, Fuzzy Bear, left a profound impact on my heart. And now, pet portraits are one of my favorite subjects to paint!


People Portraits

People are fascinating to paint. Getting their expression just right is a challenge which I love.

Being a self-thought painter, I do not have a specific style. My style is my own!

Nature-Inspired Paintings

After moving to Colorado, I was inspired by Colorado's natural beauty. The state offers a diverse range of landscapes, from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the stunning plains and canyons. Exploring nature through art is incredibly rewarding. I

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